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Day 01 full schedule

January 18, 2019

Baila Salsa Ladies Team

Buffalo, NY

PMX Entertainment Co : Spirits in Motion 3.0

Long Island, NY

Los Sabrosos: Las Sabrosas

Pittsburgh, PA

Anya Katsevman & Luis Santiago

New York, NY

Axel Montes & Priscilla Perez

Chicago, IL

Day 02 full schedule

January 19, 2019

PMX Entertainment Co : Spirits N Motion 3.0

New York, NY


Milwaukee, WI

Saoco De Mambo

Cleveland, OH

Los Sabrosos : Nicolette Pawlowski & Agustin Garcia

Pittsburgh, PA

Luis Santiago

New York, NY

Los Sabrosos: Fuerza Steel

Pittsburgh, PA


Milwaukee, WI

Anya Katsevman & Kelly Lannan

New York,NY and Calgary, CAN

Art in Motion

Turnersville, NJ

Day 03 full schedule

January 20, 2019

Los Sabrosos Salsa Kids

Pittsburgh, PA

Los Sabrosos: Bachatalicious

Pittsburgh, PA


Milwaukee, WI

Andres and Maritza's Footwork Challenge Performance


Natasha Silva

San Diego, CA

Andres Ayele and Maritza Toledo


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