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New York

Anya Katsevman


Often referred to as the future of salsa, Anya's combined background of training, dynamic stage presence, elegance, graceful style, feminine approach, and strong technical action Anya is quickly becoming one of the most acclaimed Salsa dancers in the world. After finishing a successful career in the International Latin circuit, Anya has joined forces with Luis Aguilar to pursue a list of impressive wins in Salsa competitions. Anya is a two time 2008/2010 Salsa World Champion, repeat San Francisco Congress Salsa champion, two time New York Salsa Congress Champion, Puerto Rico Salsa Champion, North American Salsa Champion and winner of the NY/NJ salsa open. She has instructed hundreds of dancers in competition skills. Born in Kiev Ukraine, Anya Katsevman has been living in New York City for 17 years. She has danced in the films La Epoca and Dancing Scared and in numerous TV productions.

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